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World-class quality of our iron and steel products that you are buying for years was approved by the world-class quality experts.

Rolling Mill Mechanical Testing Laboratory

By INSTRON* tensile test device, it is determined the flow and tensile strength, elongation, and mechanical values of the reinforcing steel bar which was produced.

By the computer-integrated Geometrical Deformation Analysis Device; it is measured the angle, height, deformation space, deformation step, and height-width of the longitudinal deformation of the reinforcing steel bar.

Bend, and backward bend tests are performed by Bending Devices.

The microstructure of our products are analysed by Metallographic devices,
Chemical Laboratory
Steel quality is determined by analysing the admixture materials as coal, lime, fluorspar, and etc., which are used in the steel production, and the analysis of the chemical elements is performed during each phase of the production.

OE Spectral Analysis Laboratory
Analysis of the chemical elements of liquid steel, semi-finished, and finished products is performed by ARL3460, ARL4460 Spectrometer devices.

By TCH600 LECO device, it is determined the hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen values inside the steel, and the analysis of the chemical elements is performed during each phase of the production.
*1500KN capacity 8-50 mm

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